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Political Circus Graphic

Posted on Oct 31 by

Have the weeks leading up to this election been a political circus? My graphic is shown as experts discuss on CNN’s Starting...


Searching Einstein

Posted on Jul 6 by

Well, I received this graphic request a while ago for a physicist searching for something on the sidewalk. I’m not exactly sure what they used it for, but the producer...


Anderson Cooper’s Christmas Card

Posted on Jul 4 by

Every once in a while at CNN, I get to do something ridiculous. Every night at the end of his show, Anderson Cooper has a segment called “The Ridiculist”. This segment...



Posted on Jul 3 by

I recently bought a Panazonic Lumix G3 camera. This is my favorite of my first set of...


Works from CNN

Posted on Aug 18 by

I am currently working at CNN as a freelance designer. Here are some of the orders that I completed and were aired on CNN Newsroom.


Timberwolves Logo

Posted on Jun 8 by

Logo Completed for Transfiguration Catholic Church in Marietta, GA. This will be used as a logo/Mascot for their sports teams. More to come, including hopefully a mural painted...